Why not to perform maintenance yourself.

Top 5 Reasons To Avoid DIY Fleet Maintenance

1. You Could Injury Yourself!
Changing the oil shouldn’t be that hard, right? Wrong. Hundreds of things could go wrong while you are attempting an oil change – hot oil could burn you, you could bust your knuckles while trying to unscrew the oil filter or a jack could slip causing FATAL wounds. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: “Mechanics [or those performing mechanic work] are more likely than the average worker to be injured or killed on the job, as evidenced by higher rates of fatalities and injuries and illnesses.” If you are having an employee perform this maintenance, you would be liable for their injuries. That could even result in a hefty lawsuit!

2. Oops! No More Warranty
Some areas of fleet trucks aren’t meant to be serviced by an unlicensed mechanic. If tampered with, this will cause the manufacture to void the warranty and it could cost you thousands in repairs. Some of these areas aren’t clearly marked but are noted within the original owner’s manual only. A licensed Red Stick Technician can service your fleet vehicle without the worry of voiding manufacture warranties.

3. You’re Being Dropped!
Commercial fleet vehicles often carry a commercial line of insurance that is designed with specific guidelines – different from ordinary vehicle insurance. With some commercial policies, it is a violation to perform routine fleet maintenance as an unlicensed mechanic. Policies vary so you will need to check with your commercial line insurance provider to see if this applies to your policy BEFORE you attempt any vehicle maintenance.

4. Well, It Looked The Same To Me!
Some fleet vehicle parts and supplies are not available to the public. They must come from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and not from your neighborhood auto parts store. Some manufacturers will not even sell an OEM part to an unlicensed mechanic. This could result in you installing the wrong part and could even cause more damage to the vehicle – costing you more money for repairs and lost time and money with the vehicle out of commission.

5. Qualified Maintenance Records
When you have your vehicle serviced by a licensed technician at Red Stick Fleet Services, you will be issued a receipt of the services performed. This receipt will notate the odometer and create a legal record of the mileage on your fleet vehicle. Some IRS audits, bookkeeping programs and general ledger processes require a third-party proof of mileage. These types of regular receipts can also be used to evaluate the value of the vehicle if you ever sell the vehicle. Vehicles with good, third-party maintenance records sell for 25% more than vehicles without records or vehicles with owner records only.